Show Notes

Episode 1- The kidnapping and return of Sherri Papini. A Northern California mother of two is kidnapped while jogging near her home. She’s found on the side of the road 22 days later beaten and bruised. Who kidnapped her and why?

Episode 2- The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez. A football phenom whose quick rise to fame ends in tragedy. Did repeated football head injuries cause him to become a murderer, or was it always in him?

Episode 3-Update on the Aaron Hernandez story. New information released to the public is discussed in this mini-episode.

Episode 4-The Mysterious Death of Blair Adams. A Canadian is found dead in the parking lot just outside of Knoxville, Tennesee. Was he suffering from mental illness, or was he stalked and murdered?

Episode 5- Robert Rozier-From NFL to Serial Killer. This serial killer was part of a cult and says her murdered on the orders of the leader.

Episode 6- Halloween Bonus Episode. We discuss listener reviews and childhood Halloween rituals, scary movies, and a haunted house. We also have a special interview with Haley from Murder Road Trip Podcast. She tells about her frightening experience with a stalker!